Mikhail Khoury

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Welcome to my basement. I spend a lot of time here learning how to cut, join and glue wood together.

DSCF5772 Here are some of the things I’ve built. Bookshelf, white oak.

TV stand, baltic birch ply.

DSCF2336 Bed, white oak. DSCF2326-2
DSCF2353-copy DSCF2076-Edit Side table, white oak. DSCF2080 DSCF5772_2 Side table, black walnut. DSCF5782_2
DSCF1141_2 DSCF1164 Side table, black cherry. DSCF1153
DSCF1183 DSCF1088-Edit Frame, black cherry. DSCF1098-Edit dsc_1184 Ochava n. Chaflán, esquina de un edificio. dsc_1188 dsc_0073 Icosahedron n. A polyhedron made of 20 faces. dsc_0078